Most frequent questions and answers

On average it takes 8-12 weeks from sign up date. We do have some pre-approved store available immediately on first come first served. 

It all depends on your credit, the more you have available, the more profit you will make. All stores will make money within the first month, how long it takes to recoup the initial investment is what may vary. 

On average our clients make anywhere from $7500-15,000 USD per month. 

If you have bad credit, we will explore options to help you get started. Please chat with us to see if this opportunity will work for you. 

We offer an array of service based on your needs. Please book a call to find out more. 

There is no work required from your end. Our team takes care of e everything. You get to relax and watch the sales roll in. 

You get paid-out directly to your bank account bi-weekly. 

We accept all major credit cards, bank drafts, wire transfers, cashiers cheques, and Crypto! 

Have other questions? Get in touch with us!